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Profile: Humayun Yarkhan  
Mohammed Humayun Yarkhan, Real Estate Developer

​​Humuyun was born on November 12, 1962. Humuyun is the eldest son of Qutub Yarkhan and Mariam Begum. Qutub Yarkhan was the grandson of Ahmad Yawar Jung and Mariam Begum was the grand daughter of Aziz Yarkhan, making Humuyun a Yarkhan family member from both sides of his family.

Humuyun began his education at St. Georges Grammar school and continued in Gulbarga University, Karnataka, where he obtained a Bachelor of Civil Engineering in 1984. Following the completion of his studies, he joined the real estate development business. Some of the projects that he has completed under the banner of his company, “Classic Construction”, include residential projects in Tarnaka and Anandnagar, Khairtabad. His most recent project include the “Classic Apartments”, in Sun City and two farm houses of his own one in Viqarabad and another in Manneguda.

Humuyun married Fatima, daughter of Mohuiddin Ali Khan, in January 1993. Together they had two daughters, Faria and Naza.